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  • Website
  • Web Application
  • Website Maintenance (Basic)
  • Website Maintenance (Modification)
  • Web App Maintenance (Basic)
  • Web App Maintenance (Modification)
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NB: If preferred, you can upload a service details document here. Blank files will NOT be submitted.

We attend to service requests in a queue format, meaning, according to when we receive each request. However, if you would like for your request to be given a priority position in the queue, there will be an additional 20% added to the service fee. This fee is non-refundable.

Create Website / Web Application 50% 2 Installments of 25%
Website / Web Application Maintenance (Basic) 100% Not Applicable
Website / Web Application Maintenance (Modification) 50% 50%

If you're in need of a website, check out our custom design package below and request a quotation.
To make a service request, proceed to login (Top of page). If you do not have a client account, simply click the 'Login/Register' button at the top of the page or the 'Client Registration' link provided in the outlined steps below, followed by 'Create Profile', which is located at the bottom of the login panel. Fill out the registration form, accept the notice details and then click 'Register Now'. The next step is to login. To do this, check your email for your login credentials and use them to facilitate client login. Once you're logged in, return to the services page and click the 'Make Service Request' button (Under Steps To Applying) and fill out the appearing form with the relevant information. Finally, click submit and guess what, you're all done. Once your request is reviewed, an email will then be sent to you confirming the status of your service request. Don't worry, we can assist you with this process, if necessary.

Once you have made a service request and it has been approved, you will be notified via email of a scheduled meeting time to discuss the details and requirements. If you cannot meet at the specified date and time, please notify us at least 2 hours before the meeting time. In addition, upon approval of the service request, a one-time consultancy fee of $50 USD is charged and MUST be paid at the following meeting. Once the details and requirements are agreed upon, a contract will be drafted for signing. In relation to services that require a deposit, once the service contract has been signed, the consultancy fee will be viewed as part of the deposit fee and the balance of the deposit fee must be paid within three business days.

Steps To Applying
Client Registration
Make Service Request

Service & Maintenance Log

View Website/App Hosting Log

Website/Web Application

Request a website or web application today and receive a product that is high-quality and cross-browser compatible. Make life easier for your customers, clients and yourself by providing online transaction processing. Be able to capture and store information without any stress. With a well-structured database, this can be done in an efficient manner. Also, accurate data retrieval is guaranteed.
Please take note that our prices are based on the scope of the work required. However, we work closely with our clients to provide them with the best affordable solution package.
One more thing . . . All websites and web applications will be fully responsive.

QUESTION: What is Responsive Web-Design?
Responsive web-design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at allowing web pages to be viewed to the size of the device screen or web browser one is viewing with.


Flexible Media
laptop tablet_android phone_android

- Improved Usability
- Enhanced user experience
- Single build versus 3 indvidual builds
- Page layout tailored to screen dimensions

~ Custom Design Package ~

    (Specifically tailored to your needs)
    Search Engine Optimization
    Fully Responsive Designs
    Message/Custom Forms
    Social Media Links
    Photo/Video/Music Gallery
    Google Maps
    Trusted Security
    High Performance & Accuracy
    LIVE Chat Integration
    File Uploading/Downloading
    Email Notification
    1 Month FREE Maintenance
    Not limited to listed items
    Request A Quotation
    Additional 3 Months Maintenance (Basic) for $150

Website/Web Application Maintenance
Do you own a website/web application created by us? If yes, GREAT!
Be informative to your customers, clients and site visitors by keeping your content up to date at all times. Remember, efficiency and accuracy is very important. Allow us to do this for you, no regrets guaranteed.

Types of Maintenance
Basic-Updating content,Back End Operations Audit and assisting with performing operations.
Modification-Changing structure/design/layout and adding or removing features.

NB: The minimum period for basic maintenance is three months.

» Basic (Monthly) - $50
» Modification - $70 and up