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~ Questions & Answers ~

In case you're wondering WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, and WHY we do what we do, below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
Feel free to contact us if you need the answer to a question that is not provided here.

  • Why choose Smiths' Programming Studio?

    All websites and applications created by us are professionally designed and uses technology that helps render a high level of efficiency and accuracy. Our work have captured the attention of many, both local and foreign. We provide our clients with solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs, and without a doubt, we're able and ready to provide you with the same. Making your everyday tasks easier, software experience more comfortable and business grow is something we do not take lightly.

  • How do I apply to get a website created?

    Step 1: Sign up.
    Step 2: Submit a service request
    For a more detailed explanation, visit our services page and you will see a section entitled 'The Process'.

  • How long does it take to create a website?

    The time frame varies as each website has its own requirements and specifications. We try our best to provide a finished product in no more than 1 month, but can go over at times based on the complexity or requested changes.

  • How much does a website cost?

    The cost of a website varies based on the items requested and also the complexity to have them developed.
    View our custom design package.

  • What all would I be paying for?

    1. Consultancy
    2. Development
    3. Website Hosting
    4. Additional Website Maintenance (If selected)

  • Why do I have to pay a consultancy fee?

    Time has value and must be accounted for. We have to meet from time to time to discuss the necessary requirements and changes in order to provide you with the quality service and product you deserve. Please read our terms and conditions for a better understanding of this fee.

  • Is it mandatory for the client to provide a website design?

    Providing a website design is not mandatory by the client, but will definitely help to speed up the design selection process. All websites created by us are unique and renders efficiency and accuracy at its best.

  • Will my website be SEO-friendly?

    All websites and applications will be SEO-friendly. We will make sure that your website can be found anywhere online, just type it in and 'BOOM'.

  • Will my website be mobile friendly?

    All websites and applications will be fully responsive. This means that whatever device you view your website/application on, the layout will automatically scale to suit, and in most cases, render a different layout.

  • How do I find my website online?

    When the development of a website is completed, it is then published to the World Wide Web. Once published, you will then be able to find it via the use of a 'Web Browser' and a unique 'Domain Name'.

    Example of a Web Browser : Google Chrome
    Example of a Domain Name:

  • Will I be able to update my website content myself?

    Yes, definitely. However, the option to have us do this for you is available for a small cost. Keeping your content up to date at all times is vital and very important for the success of your business.

  • How often should I update my website content?

    There is only one answer to this question.

  • Do you provide/create content?

    There are cases where we've captured image content for the purpose of speeding up a production. We normally use placeholder images and videos until the final ones are provided by the client. All content should be provided by the client unless negotiated differently, and should fit in such a way that it does not create an unbalanced feel. What do we mean by an unbalanced feel? No one will want their website or application content thrown all over the place or grammar not reflecting high standards. No one will want to hear their website visitor or application user complain and say This is not professional, the content and grammar sucks. For this reason, we look over all content before publishing.

  • How do I make a service termination request?

    Step 1: Go to the services page
    Step 2: Scroll down and click on the button named “Service & Maintenance Log”.
    Step 3: Enter your credentials and click the “Process” button. All of your service requests and active maintenance will be displayed.
    Step 4: Click the "Request Termination" link provided on the far right of the service request you would like terminated.

    Following this, a representative of Smiths' Programming Studio will provide an official termination request form to be signed. Once you have signed this form, it will be reviewed and you will be notified, via email, when the termination has taken effect. A scanned copy of the signed termination request form will be sent to you via email.

  • How can I find out the remaining time for hosting and maintenance?

    Step 1: Go to the services page
    Step 2: Scroll down and click on the link named “View Website/App Hosting Log”.
    Step 3: Enter your credentials and click the “Process” button.

    Step 1: Go to the services page
    Step 2: Scroll down and click on the button named “Service & Maintenance Log”.
    Step 3: Enter your credentials and click the “Process” button.
    Step 4: Scroll down until you see the heading "All Active Maintenance".